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Short Sale Facts:

-Selling your house as a short sale is of no cost to you.  The lender or mortgage company pays the listing agent.

-A short sale can prevent you from a foreclosure.

-Banks are typically willing to negotiate deficiency judgments after short sales, with foreclosures they are not negotiable.

-You might be eligible to buy a home after 2 years of your short sale versus 5 years after foreclosure.

-You might be denied for a job if you have a foreclosure on your record. 

Short Sale Myths:

-There is not enough time before the foreclosure date for me to do a short sale.  Sometimes lenders will postpone foreclosures even just a few days before the foreclosure date.

-The bank does not want me to do a short sale, they would rather foreclose.  Banks do not want to foreclose on your property because the process is very expensive.  Typically, banks receive more money from short sales than from foreclosures.

-Short Sales are almost impossible to get approved and buyers do not want to buy short sale properties.  Although short sales are more complicated than regular sales, they do get approved.  Some buyers are specifically looking  for short sales.

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Carolinas Metro Realty

Carolinas Metro Realty's professional real estate agents specialize in helping homeowners avoid foreclosure.   Our short sale agents can help you short sale your home, at no cost!  We have successfully negotiated short sales throughout the Charlotte region.  Stop foreclosure and short sale your property, before it is too late!